LANASILK wants to be transparent with you as possible when it comes to our values and our suppliers (packaging and products with the environment).



Page under construction because we are working on a partnership with a museum from Lyon.

Suppliers and materials

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  • foulard en soie rouge géométrique
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  • peinture-sur-soie-main-lyon

The artist behind Lanasilk made the choice to show you directly the suppliers she has for LANASILK. Please remember it is a small art business and everything must have a start, even if it is not perfect (yet). Thank you.

Materials the artist uses:

  • A sewing machine PFAFF
  • A homemade wooden frame for the silk scarf and scrunchie
  • Painting and Gutta from the brand Kreul Javana.
  • Paint brushes are from my mom 🙂
  • Silk from Belinac and Sfate &Combier (both based in Rhône-Alpes)

For packaging :

  • A blue-white and red (French after all) cord from La Stéphanoise (based in Rhône-Alpes)
  • White price label from Moo because they are made with 50% recycled coton. Same for the notecard
  • Enveloppe from Le Pays des Enveloppes because they are made from 70 % recycled material and it is easy to separate the plastic (protecting the silk from water) and the paper.
  • Tissue paper are recycled from the package the artist receives at home 🙂
  • The stamp is printed at home with glue but no tape.


  • The label is made of cotton and embroided to stay a veeeery long time and give your Lanasilk product to your next generation. It comes from (must remember).
  • The white thread used (100% polyester for resistance) comes from my grandma 🙂