Everything is painted by hand. The hem is rolled by hand (The French way obviously) and takes more than 2 hours. Suppliers are in the Rhone-Alpes region, France (same supplier as for the Paris Haute Couture brands)


Why buying silk so far away when you have one of the best quality just across the hill ?

Also, the founder comes from Lyon. One of the best silk manufacters comes from Lyon (in the region). It is not a coincidence if one the most famous silk scarf brand has some factories nearby Lyon, France…

” My goal is to promote local silk manufacturers that have been there for more than 100 years because Lyon was, for more than 3 centuries, the capital of silk (this is why I fell in love with the history made by this fabric industry )”


LANASILK is a colorful fashion brand for lovely people who feel different and dare a little… or a lot !
Not only silk is a luxurious fabric but it’s also functional. Indeed, silk have good properties well-known for medicine, for extreme sports or for health.

In Sophia’s family, grand-mothers and sisters have a common name : ANNA.
But LANA is also the spanish word for whool, which is what the artist likes too in the mountains.

As for SILK, it was so obvious for the founder to use silk because she is fascinated by this luxurious fabric, its history through time and how cultures have appropriated the work of silk worldwide. So many possibilities with silk !

LANASILK is for people who like unique pieces, adding a colorful touch on their everyday routine 🙂

” I’m an artist who loves colors, a fashion designer who falls in love with silk everyday and a women living in Lyon (France). I am not a such a good photographer for now but i’m working on it ! You may have noticed it on my painting but I also love flowers and the countryside. “